Welcome to OKABALOO! A thoughtfully designed place of wonders, creativity and celebrations – the first and one of its kind arts and fun factory for Kids, Parents & You!

Our bright, cheerful and strategically-located space in the heart of Long Island City, Queens, New York is safe and well-equipped to accommodate your unique wishes and desires. Whether it’s music and art enrichment classes, entertainment and art performances, playing and having fun, parties and special events, or simply lounging and socializing in a tasteful and pleasant surrounding – we have it all. A place where everyone will enjoy the high-quality atmosphere this jewel spot has to offer.

While kids are our priority, OKABALOO has plenty for EVERYONE.

Olta & Bora, are two passionate and talented sisters, raised in a family of artists – now mothers, raising their own young families with the love for art. After long and careful planning and a vision to fulfill their dream – they designed the arts and fun factory, called OKABALOO. A place to thrive harmoniously, in their own curated habitat, by doing what they truly love, and offering their very best skills to others, especially to the young.

Olta is an admirer of aesthetics, and visual arts are her delicacy and strength. “I’ve always had this urge to be artistic with everything that falls into my hands, or catches my eye. I just can’t help it. It makes me forget to eat,” she says. Since she was a little girl, Olta has been fascinated by letters, colors, shapes, vivid patterns and light. Amazingly, she started reading, writing and drawing at the age three. Born and raised in a family of distinguished artists, Olta was continuously surrounded by art and music, which fed and inspired her creative talents. Initially, she cultivated her interest in visual arts as a hobby and kept it aside for some years in order to follow a rewarding career in Business Law and International Relations after attaining multiple graduate degrees in law and diplomacy. She is multilingual and very skillful in business development and customer advocacy. However, she constantly felt the urge to follow her real and true passion which was growing to be a vital part of her life in New York City. So, she dusted off her easel and brushes and went back to developing her artistic nature to discover the endless possibilities of personal aesthetic expression. Her dream was that, one day, she would have a place where she could practice and serve with joy, and do what she does best. Today, Olta is an artist with a focus on visual and decorative arts, with her own established brand product. She has extensive experience in teaching arts and crafts, as well as organizing and planning festivities, events, exhibitions and art fairs. She loves life, the beach, the sun, swimming, traveling, reading novels, dancing, shopping, eating chocolate, and most of all – being her daughter’s mom.

Bora, is a multi-talented and devoted musician. “Music is what I breathe and exhale, cherish and cultivate, anytime and everywhere, but even more so – on stage,” she says. Bora started playing violin and studying music professionally when she was only five years old. Gradually, her passion for singing grew to become her favorite. She was fortunate to follow her studies in prestigious European art conservatories, and later on, art academies. However, majoring in Violin and Classical Music was never enough for her. Since she was a teenager, Bora started performing as a singer and became the vocalist of a well-known European pop band. After six years of great success, she started her solo career experimenting with different music genres. Ever since, Bora has been singing and playing for larger audiences with various distinguished musicians worldwide. During this time, Bora released her own Music Singles and Album Projects, and worked on various tributes to famous singers. While she always looks forward to future endeavors to perfect her craft of singing, in the last five years, Bora has been expanding her expertise into teaching music, singing and stage behavior to young kids, teens and adults. Today, Bora is a violinist, a singer, a songwriter, a composer, a performer and an entertainer with extensive experience in organizing, planning and managing group events, shows and tours. Bora loves people, different cultures, road trips, driving, movies, parties, cooking, morning coffee, and above all – being a mom to her daughter and son.